Eliza Lee Follen

(1787-1860 / the United States)

Biography of Eliza Lee Follen

Eliza Lee Cabot Follen (15 August 1787 Brookline, Massachusetts - 26 January 1860) was an author and abolitionist.

She was the daughter of Samuel Cabot of Boston. When he died in 1819, ten years after her mother had died, she and her two sisters established a household. Catharine Sedgwick introduced her to the educator Charles Follen. Nine years her junior, he initially became Eliza Cabot's protege. In 1828, after his betrothed in Germany declined to emigrate to the United States, Eliza and Charles married.

After Charles's death in 1840, Eliza Follen educated their only son, whom, with other pupils, she fitted for Harvard University. She was an intimate friend of William Ellery Channing, and a zealous opponent of slavery.

Eliza Lee Follen's Works:

* The Well-Spent Hour (Boston, 1827)
* Selections from the writings of Fenelon, with a memoir of his life (1829)
* The Skeptic (1835)
* Sketches of Married Life (1838)
* Poems (1839)
* The Child's friend (a periodical; editor 1843-1850)
* The works of Charles Follen, with a memoir of his life (5 vols., 1846)
* To Mothers in the Free States (1855)
* Anti-Slavery Hymns and Songs (1855)
* Twilight Stories (1858)
* Home Dramas (1859)

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It Can'T Be So

A boy once went the world around,
Till he a golden castle found;
Then laughed the boy,
Then thought the boy,
'O, were that golden castle mine,
How brightly then my house would shine!'
O, no! O, no! O, no!
My little boy, it can't be so.

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