Elizabeth Sheaffer

Rookie - 0 Points (February 4,1990 / Mt. Airy, NC)

Elizabeth Sheaffer Poems

1. Frosty Hearts Can'T Dull This Love... 12/30/2006
2. Ap Language&Composition Taught Me A Lesson In Love 1/3/2007
3. Where Did Our Conversations Go? 1/3/2007
4. Three Days 1/5/2007
5. Young Love 1/2/2007
6. Rendezvous Beneath The Stars 1/31/2007
7. My Favorite If 2/12/2007
8. Thoughts In The Shower 2/15/2007
9. Never Enough 2/23/2007
10. Simplicity's Escape 2/23/2007
11. O, To Control Lady Fate For A Day 3/22/2007
12. I Still Need You (Don'T Let Me Go, Love) 4/6/2007
13. Bitter Tragedy (Inescapable Evil) 4/11/2007
14. Seven Years Now, Nearly Eight 4/24/2007
15. Tired Of Being An Escape 5/11/2007
16. Inside My Dreams (You Come To Life) 5/11/2007
17. Uncertain Depression 5/11/2007
18. Dawning Realizations (Mememe) 5/29/2007
19. Midnight Misery 6/20/2008
20. From Tresses Long 6/23/2008
21. People Spend Their Entire Lives Looking For What I'Ve Found With You 7/30/2008
22. Midnight's Kindred Spirit 7/30/2008
23. Anew Beginning 8/20/2008
24. Past To Present And The Start Of Our Future 9/9/2008
25. A Moonlit Reverie 9/11/2008
26. Dark Alleyways And Divine Creations 9/14/2008
27. Homo Sapiens Sapiens 9/14/2008
28. Flickers 9/14/2008
29. Love's Voyage 11/1/2008
30. My Love 1/28/2009
31. Falling Leaves And Fulfilled Wishes 1/28/2009
32. Night's Fair Maiden 1/28/2009
33. Drowning In Love 1/29/2009
34. The Great Escape From Reality Into An Alternate Dimension That Turned Out To Be Reality Disguised As A Dream 12/4/2007
35. Cocaine Dreams (Don'T Touch The Monkey) 12/12/2007
36. I Tasted Heaven Once And I Don'T Recommend It 1/13/2008
37. An Apology Simply Won'T Cut It This Time 2/14/2008
38. My Fair Lady 2/20/2008
39. Realizations Of A Teenage Catastrophe 2/26/2008
40. Ageless Avowal 3/11/2008
Best Poem of Elizabeth Sheaffer

Can Death Come Calling If You Don'T Have A Telephone?

The sky opens up before your eye
And the rain comes pouring from the sky.
There's an old tree tap-tap-tapping on the door;
It's that tap-tap-tapping you abhor.
The faucet's drip-drip-dripping in a sink that's never clean
When the landlord's knock-knock-knocking on a door without a screen.
The television's crack-crack-crackling because the picture's never clear;
There's the Bible on a table that'll soon break down, you fear.
The mattress creak-creak-creaking as you shift in bed at night
Beside an old and grimy window never showing any light.
Day in, day out, you ...

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Crimson Carpets At Dusk

You're sitting on the couch, watching TV.
Wishing that you could be watching me.
Wanting me only to exist.
Needing nothing save one last kiss.
Why couldn't it have been someone else?
You cannot imagine how it must've felt.
Did I go to Heaven, or was it Hell?
You need to know which way I fell.
That way you can arrange for us to meet.

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