Elizabeth Shield

Biography of Elizabeth Shield

I am young. I believe in God, love, and human kindness. I am enraptured by nature and enamoured by culture. I am quiet. I am brave. I love secrets and the ticklish feeling that they give to my mind. I am fleet of foot, and sound of heart. I am privately dramatic and outwardly eclectic. I have traveled the world. I am a writer. I relish sleep and cherish dreams. I am a scientist. I am a Christian.

Please comment so that I may improve my writing style. However, I am unlikely to edit my older works as they serve as a record of the development of my thoughts and emotions over the years. Thank you.

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Still Young

You are azure, like the sky and,
at one point, I thought that I
could fly,
up into the wide expanse
of your embrace,
but alas, my feathers
are not yet grown,
I am a fledgling still
too weak to try, and you,

[Hata Bildir]