Elizaveth Banda

Rookie (09-03-1985 / Laredo)

Biography of Elizaveth Banda

I'm no one special and in time I will be forgotten, but all my writtings are mine and they all come from my heart. I write about love, about hard times, and everything that comes to mind. Im not a writer, but I try to write the best that I can, because I want to write my thoughts. I'm 25 years old and have gone through more heartache that anyone should ever encounter, but its our feelings that create a poem and I hope you all like it.My dream is to get one poem published and that would make me happy...

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Unspoken Words

Looking back at all my memories
To remember that kiss
To remember the late nights of comfort
I'm glad I didn't know how he felt
Then I wouldn't have hurt as much
He thought he was different
He thought I deserved more
wasn't he a fool
If he only knew that I deserved him

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