Treasure Island

Elizaveth Banda

(09-03-1985 / Laredo)

Poems of Elizaveth Banda

1. boy 9/27/2006
2. cry 9/27/2006
3. I dont want to hurt him 9/27/2006
4. It was just a place 9/27/2006
5. Let me help you 9/28/2006
6. My friend 9/27/2006
7. sick 9/27/2006
8. Slave to Love 3/21/2011
9. song 9/27/2006
10. STAY 9/29/2006
11. unspoken words 9/27/2006


he made me laugh, he made me mad
but no matter what, i knew that he was mine
people judged, people laughed
no one knew he was my life
he was rude, he felt his weakness
he was the one to keep life on the road
he was the one that showed true desire
people judged, people laughed
but he was mine

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