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1. Reverse Direction 3/25/2013
2. Insects 3/25/2013
3. Protector 3/25/2013
4. My Windshield 3/25/2013
5. Oh, To Be Happy 3/25/2013
6. Y 3/25/2013
7. For The Love Of Excitement 3/25/2013
8. The Universe Bores Of This Experience 3/25/2013
9. If Mario Were Riding A Flying T-Rex 3/25/2013
10. Plague Or Apocalypse 3/25/2013
11. Goodnight Grandma 3/25/2013
12. Class-Room Chaos 3/25/2013
13. A Beach Massacre (Rough, But I Don'T Know How To Fix You) 3/25/2013
14. Go! 4/29/2013
15. Something About T.S. Eliot 5/8/2013
16. Seriously, I Have No Idea What This Is. 5/8/2013
17. Thunderbeast 7/6/2013
18. Dear Mister President 2/15/2014
19. The Song Of Those In Cages 2/15/2014
20. Let Me Be Naruto To Your Sorrow 2/15/2014
21. So... This Dolphin Told Me A Secret 2/15/2014
22. Don'T Pretend You'Re Helping. 2/15/2014
23. I Have No Idea What To Call You 2/15/2014
24. A Guy Told Me I Can Visit Past Lives. 2/15/2014
25. Lonely Moose Of The Forest (Part Ii) 7/31/2013
26. A Weight Others Make You Carry 8/29/2013
27. Infinity Is Like Knowing Where To Break A Line 5/8/2013
28. Dude, It's A Muse Poem. Calm Down. 9/21/2013
29. I Lost The Game And The War (Rough) 9/21/2013
30. For Those Of You Who Seem Confused -new- 10/5/2015
31. Tuna-Fish 3/25/2013
32. An Eyeball 3/25/2013
33. Life Is Not A Staring Contest, Just Say I Love You. 2/15/2014
34. What's Oxygen But A Double Bond? 5/22/2013
35. That's Funny When You Hear It Out Loud. 7/3/2013
36. Seeds 3/25/2013
37. It Rained Today 5/8/2013
38. Let Me See What You See 3/25/2013
39. Until Tomorrow Morning (Rough) 9/27/2013
40. Words Are As Useless To The Blind As They Are To You And I (Rough) 9/27/2013
Best Poem of Emily Beck

I Was Playing With Crayons When Yellow Caught Fire

They wear their yellow garments
As the smoke rises from the street
Gray and thick and ashy and it bellows with deceit.
They are walking to and fro
Staring at the ground
One thing they will never know
Is how to turn around.
And today they won’t see day light
The smoke will choke the sky
And none of them will notice
They just keep on walking by.
Today the ocean will be empty
Not a fish will breathe
And none of them will notice
‘Cause they're buried underneath.
Flocks of geese are flying north
To avoid the coming storm
And not one of them will ...

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A raven
His righteous talons,
Wings tattered, frayed.
Dropping flecks of black unto the blackness.
Curling around responsibility;
talon's clutching a sphere.
Arched back, wrinkled tail.
Protecting a dying ball.
Blue and green swirl around;

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