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Biography of Emma Woods

I've been writing poems ever since I can remember and I spend my free time writing poems and songs, playing the drums, drawing and reading. I am a drummer in several bands. Although we don't like to put our music into any genre, we do vary from soft indie rock to heavy metal. I use many of my poems in the band which we alter into songs. I am extremely musicly inspired and I listen to AFI, Placebo, Blaqk Audio, The Kooks, Son Of Sam, The 69 Eyes, MGMT, Bullet For My Valentine, Avenged Sevenfold, Tarjia Turunen, Nightwish, Schiller, Jeffree Star, Cradle Of Filth, The Automatic, The Moxy, HIM, a little Good Charlotte, Trivium, One Night Only, MSI, Go Audio, Deathstars, some 3o Seconds To Mars, some Coldplay, Indochine, The Medic Droid, Blink 182, a little Bob Marley, Jimmy Eat World, some Paulina Rubio, Kings Of Leon, Mike Terrana (drummer) , Timo Maas, Boys Like Girls, Sugarcult, Alpinestars, Trash Palace, Cat The Dog, and I love the hardcore drummer Joey Jordison and my all time favourite drummer Thomas Lang. I am very sociable although I do like to stay in my comfort zone at home. I love going to places that I have never been before. This inspires me both musically and artistically. I have poems and writing papers scattered around my room everywhere and have created a small book entitled 'Passion By Emma Woods' with many poems inside. I made the entire book and painted it black and red and when I look back at it, I realise just how long ago I actually made it due to my writing skills changing all the time.

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We Held On

The rain fell hard as we kissed and touched in the streets
Our clothes clung to our skin as they became wet in the storm
The sky was black and vicious but in some sense comforting
My love for you is tangible and I shall never deny it
We allowed the malevolence of which surrounded us touch us
But it nurtued us and let us become one in our moment of passion
You said 'the only love I'll ever deny to you is the love for someone - else as it shall not be true'
And I kissed you and you held my

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