Emma Woods

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Emma Woods Poems

1. As Such 8/12/2008
2. Here 8/12/2008
3. Just 8/12/2008
4. He 8/12/2008
5. Coward (Lâche) 8/12/2008
6. The Symbol 8/12/2008
7. The Lady On The Bus 8/12/2008
8. These Corridoors We Passed 8/12/2008
9. Save It For A Life That Cares 8/12/2008
10. Only In Sleep 8/12/2008
11. We Held On 8/12/2008
12. The Edge 8/12/2008
13. Fake 8/12/2008
14. Returning To A Rumour 8/12/2008
15. Just You 8/12/2008
16. If 8/12/2008
17. In The Nothing 8/12/2008
18. The Sky And You 8/12/2008
19. You Breathed Those Words In A Whisper 8/12/2008
20. Do You? 8/12/2008
21. Remember? ? 8/12/2008
22. Short And Sweet 8/14/2008
23. Nurturing Malevolence 8/14/2008
24. Will You Let Me Touch? ? 8/14/2008
25. Every Time She Moves 8/14/2008
26. Mine 8/14/2008
27. Holiday 8/14/2008
28. From Me To You 8/17/2008
29. Your Words 8/17/2008
30. Dream....... 8/17/2008
31. This Is Real 8/17/2008
32. Hiding........ 8/17/2008
33. Weeping In Arms 8/17/2008
34. I Was So Shy........ 8/17/2008
35. When? ? 8/17/2008
36. Whorish 8/22/2008
37. Heartlessly In Love 8/27/2008
38. No Relationship 8/28/2008
39. Waiting Staring 8/28/2008
40. Truely Glad To Be Your's 8/28/2008
Best Poem of Emma Woods

Your Truth And Your Lies

I love you
But I hate you
You hurt me
And you weren't true
You're a coward
You're a tart
You're a soul
With no heart
You're a b**ch
You cut me up
You're a witch
Not who I loved
It was just a fling
You were so cruel
Yet all I can think
Is did I hurt you?
Why do I think
So much about you?
How did I know
T'was too good to be true
You think you know me
I know you don't
You said you were sorry
But I'm still alone
I know you didn't mean it
I know you never cared
How much you meant
How much I was scared
I was ...

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As Such

What causes such affection that you'd risk your life for someone you love?
What causes the true emotion from deep inside to want so much?
To have someone you love and care for so deeply
To have someone to hold you and stay while you're weeping
The sensation of knowing you're loved by another
The feeling it gives to be with each other
When another is on your mind every second of every minute
I loving someone so truely you'll find there are no limits
To know you'd rather die than spend o

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