Emma Woods

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Emma Woods Poems

1. I Want To Feel Your Skin On Mine 10/2/2008
2. Broken By A Tainted Heart 9/9/2008
3. A Life Reversed 9/9/2008
4. Your Truth And Your Lies 8/12/2008
5. Who Am I? 8/12/2008
6. Am I Looking For Something With You I'll Never Have? ? 8/12/2008
7. Soulmates Forever (Together And Always) 9/23/2008
8. I'm Flying With You 9/4/2008
9. Be My Sinful Lover 8/17/2008
10. Because 8/17/2008
11. Because You Slept In My Arms 10/27/2008
12. Take Me 8/14/2008
13. Hopeless Howling 8/12/2008
14. At Least You're Happy 8/12/2008
15. Desperate For Your Heart 8/12/2008
16. Be 8/12/2008
17. Teenage Crush 11/29/2008
18. Am I? 8/12/2008
19. Don't Lose Yourself 12/4/2008
20. I Am 12/4/2008

We Held On

The rain fell hard as we kissed and touched in the streets
Our clothes clung to our skin as they became wet in the storm
The sky was black and vicious but in some sense comforting
My love for you is tangible and I shall never deny it
We allowed the malevolence of which surrounded us touch us
But it nurtued us and let us become one in our moment of passion
You said 'the only love I'll ever deny to you is the love for someone - else as it shall not be true'
And I kissed you and you held my

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