Emma Woods

(urmmmmmmmm / I Forgot)

Poems of Emma Woods

1. A Life Reversed 9/9/2008
2. After All This Time 10/9/2008
3. All I Have To Do Is Look Into Your Eyes 10/4/2008
4. Am I Looking For Something With You I'll Never Have? ? 8/12/2008
5. Am I? 8/12/2008
6. Apologies - I Love Her 11/21/2008
7. As Such 8/12/2008
8. At Least You're Happy 8/12/2008
9. Be 8/12/2008
10. Be My Sinful Lover 8/17/2008
11. Because 8/17/2008
12. Because You Slept In My Arms 10/27/2008
13. Broken By A Tainted Heart 9/9/2008
14. Carve My Name To You 10/2/2008
15. Children (Song) 10/2/2008
16. Coward (Lâche) 8/12/2008
17. Dear Elisa 10/2/2008
18. Desperate For Your Heart 8/12/2008
19. Do You? 8/12/2008
20. Don't Lose Yourself 12/4/2008

As Such

What causes such affection that you'd risk your life for someone you love?
What causes the true emotion from deep inside to want so much?
To have someone you love and care for so deeply
To have someone to hold you and stay while you're weeping
The sensation of knowing you're loved by another
The feeling it gives to be with each other
When another is on your mind every second of every minute
I loving someone so truely you'll find there are no limits
To know you'd rather die than spend o

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