Treasure Island

Emmanuel Emesakoru

Poems of Emmanuel Emesakoru

1. ...Every Valentine 1/25/2006
2. A Better Day Awaits Thee 1/25/2006
3. A Place In Your Heart 1/25/2006
4. A Wonderful Feeling 1/25/2006
5. At Valentine, Forever and Even After Now 1/25/2006
6. Beautiful In All Ramification 1/25/2006
7. Doesn't Matter 1/25/2006
8. Don't Leave Me Now 1/25/2006
9. For You, My Future Bride 1/25/2006
10. Hard To Believe I Still Want You 1/25/2006
11. Hypnotized 1/25/2006
12. I Don't Mind 1/25/2006
13. I Feel, I See, I Breathe You 1/25/2006
14. I See You 1/25/2006
15. I'll Always Love You 1/25/2006
16. I'll Never Leave Your Side 1/25/2006
17. I'll Stand By You 1/25/2006
18. I'll Still Follow You 1/25/2006
19. I'll Wait For You My Love 1/25/2006
20. Imagine Me 1/25/2006

I Don't Mind

I don't mind if I waste my fortune
If I could, I'd take you to Neptune
And all the places you like to be
As long as it is just you and me

I don't mind if I give away my hand
Hoping you'll respect and understand
Why exactly I did whatever I had to do
And smile because it's for you my boo

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