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I am not a professional Writer.I just love poetry.
I am in medical field of profession - a Registered Nurse working in Emergency Room in one of the hospitals in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Thank you to all who visit and read my compositions. To those who bought my compositions in the form of paper books, e book, nookbook by Barnes and Noble and kindle book by Amazon.com and other book stores all over the world.

Ency Bearis's Works:

# 1 ] Bits and Pieces of Thoughts, Compilation of Poems
Lulu Publishing or lulu.com ISBN: 978-0-557-29131-1.
This also available in nook book format by Barnes and Nobles, and e book format by iPod.

# 2 ] And See, Bear Is: With That Naked Thoughts, Selected Poems/ ISBN 978-1-4560-6922-3/ PublishAmerica publisher/ Also available at www.Amazon.com and www.BN.com (Barnes and Noble Book Stores) Released last April 2011.

#3] A One Two One: 121-Poems In Random/ISBN 978146266447/PublishAmerica.com/ Released March 1,2012.
#4] i on 'em/createspace/amazon.com/published August 12,2013/ ISBN -10: 1491256230/ ISBN-13: 9781491256237
#5] Ency Bearis' Ameliorated Poemgraph and Prosegraph
ISBN-13978-1497550780/ISBN - 10: 1497550785//Createspace/Amazon.com/ Pbublished April 8,2014

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Blue Like The Ocean

How vast is the ocean?
I know it is in wide scope
How dangerous this ocean?
A lot and too much chances
To explore, you can be drowned
With the waves you can be nowhere
How deep it could be?
Like the love of yours
How vast, how deep

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