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Eric Cockrell poet

i am 58 years old... have been writing poetry for over 40 years... had a troubled youth, was in trouble a lot, was a drug addict... survived it all... have worked a variety of jobs... have 4 grown children,3 grandchildren.
was a member of the North Carolina Writer's Roundtable for a while... write poetry, songs, political and spiritual commentaries...
am somewhere between a Buddhist and a gnostic Christian...
am a renagade socialist by political nature...
believe most of all that compassion is the one true path!

Eric Cockrell's Works:

'Scar Tissue', self-published in the 1970's
'Awakening', self-published in the 1980's Updates

The Hand

only the human hand,
the caring hand,
the hand covered in blood
and filth, the hand swollen

bruised, and beaten...
the open hand,
not a fist anymore hand,
not afraid to let go hand,

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