Treasure Island

Ernestine Northover

(25th March 1943)

Biography of Ernestine Northover

Ernestine Northover poet

In my working life I was a Floral Artist, creating floral arrangements for births, weddings and funerals. A demanding but very satisfying career. I have had two commissions to create floral bouquets for Queen Elizabeth II, which was a great honour.

I have two children a boy and a girl, and two grandchildren, a girl and a boy - 7 yrs and 5 yrs. I paint in oils, watercolours and pastels and sketching/drawing. Have studied the Japanese language, created tapestries. I love books mostly historical - fact or fiction. Music, (Classical, Traditional Jazz, Musicals and anything relaxing. I love photography, as my daughter is a portrait photographer, and she has sparked my interest.

I love communicating with people and tend to see the funny side of life, as you may see by my poems. It is a wonderful way of expelling stress, releasing emotions from loss and sadness, and also sharing happiness. A great way to express oneself and see nature and life in all its beauty.
I don't class myself as an expert with poetry, I just enjoy creating it, and hope people will like and take pleasure in reading what I have written. Updates

***Some Dread

A Goose and a Gander went for a walk,
The Goose said to the Gander, ‘We must talk‘,
‘We both will just have to run far away,
for very soon I know will come the day,
when we will meet the grim conveyor belt,
and a nasty blow will to us be dealt.
We'll end up, trussed up, in a butcher's shop,
by then we will sadly have got the chop‘.

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