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Hey everyone! My name is Frances, but most of the time I do go by Fae or, as some of my closer friends like calling me, Poppet (or Francie-Chan, or Francle-Chan, but I'd rather you avoid those) . I'm generally quiet, and not exactly what most would call social, but I'm happy and I figure that that's all that matters. I love writing, and I'd also love to ask for criticism from the more experienced members of this site. Also, please don't try to start fights with me over my beliefs, because I generally live by the saying each to his own, and I feel that others should too. Honestly, I'm always up for a good debate, but don't be rude. Finally, there are going to be a lot of times when I don't post anything, and am not active here at all, so don't be upset or offended if you send me something and I don't look at it or reply for a while. Thanks!

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What are freedoms?
We have so many
Outlined, put in front of us in black and white
And yet it’s all denied to so many
When we try to speak out
We’re pressed back
When we try to believe in what we wish
We’re looked down upon
And when we gather together

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