Felicity Slaughter

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I started writing poetry at the age of 13, against my own will, in fact. It all started as basic middle school english class poetry assignments. But once I began to write, I found not only my talent, but my passion for poetry. I found a way to put into words the beauty and also the tragedy I see in the world. My writing methods since my first poems as a young teenager has changed dramatically, thus effecting the quality of my writing; and to me, no poem is ever really finished. I am forever tweeking and correcting my old work. My poems reflect emotions about personal experiences, observation, and in some cases, pure imagination. I've gotten nothing but love from everyone who is near and dear to me, and I'm forever in debt to those who gave my writing a chance. I owe my friends who supported me the world, and the only way I know how to do that is through words. So I shall continue, and never hold back.

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Felicity Slaughter

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Black roses lay dead at my feet,
the moon is shining a
dismal glow on the hilltop
on which I dwell.

A sad song is swirling around
me, sung by Mother Nature herself
I envy her.
Forever raw and real, always

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