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  • Lloyd Savage (9/19/2012 3:00:00 PM) Post reply

    If you observe something long enough sometimes the words just come to you. Often when I am very tired or depressed after hearing sad news I find this is the best time to write. I like to read just the first lines of many poets and if the first line sounds good, the rest of the poem should come naturally. You'll sorta hear the words, they seem to just float at you. Try this. When I read the rest of the poem the words I hear seem to be missed by most writers. I think not only does people have a voice to how they write expressing themselves so do we all have a listening ear for what is voiced. That ear can be tuned very finely. Ask yourself when you write a poem where is it headed, and what is the next line. Take for example my poem Like A Rose on here. I say Like A Rose as the first line, so what do I mean then I express it. Upon a broken bough, next I try to explain things and how they connect. The best poems I think or short and sweet. Long poems are ok but they must keep interest. Few people today take time to read lots of long poems. To write a poem about Aunt Susie may not go over with many people, cause even though your poem about her is good, if no one knows her but you there is no application. So write what people can relate too. I tend to write a poem for others to relate to it, and that they will still have a message to those who read them a hundred years from now. Try thinking of writing this way. What emotions do you think people have or that they have done they would love to read a poem about, then go write those things down. If you can't describe them go watch them go through those emotions and you will learn that ear for such things spoken of earlier. Also please let me know if you read my poems what you like or think I'd appreciate it. I've been writing for years but threw away thousands to keep only about 250 I really like outside the hymns I write that I find much better. And always as a poet keep some of your best work out of the publics eye and everyone else to only be found and discovered after you've left this earth. It just may be that a few years later you'll be known only for those and they would be your greatest works. If you have clean pure thoughts that is exactly how you will write. Create in you a sensitive heart and you will write expressing things in a sensitive way and peoples hearts will be touched by what they read from you. And never forget all poetry comes from either the poet upstairs or the one downstairs!

  • Udaya R. Tennakoon Rookie - 1st Stage (9/18/2012 6:59:00 AM) Post reply

    Hello Dear all,

    I would like if you can read my poems and give a constructive critic for improvement of my poetry skills. As English is my second language, your participation would be great for me. Please follow the link bellow to read my poems.

    Many thanks

  • Daniel Einstein Rookie - 1st Stage (9/18/2012 2:52:00 AM) Post reply

    I may be new but I can feel there are very few. Comment on my poems if you like and rate them as well.
    That is all I ask. Thanks.

  • Muhammad Ayaz Hussain Rookie - 1st Stage (9/7/2012 3:18:00 AM) Post reply

    View of beloved
    Muhammad Ayaz

    Sky is blue, your eyes are blue
    Sun is bright, the way your face cheerful
    Fascination of your body
    Alike best weather in midsummer,
    Your lips are fragrant, alike desert after banquet.

    You have passion in love
    As ocean with layers in the dusk
    Your smile is full of magnetism
    As twilight attract senses of spectators.

    Don’t know much about love
    Perhaps this is called love! !
    That is the view about my affection
    Perchance you should engrave yours.

  • Musa Ndhlovu Rookie - 1st Stage (9/5/2012 1:59:00 AM) Post reply

    Being carageus is to stand befor your fear, which on one told you how to face the fear you are facing. To be caragus in front of your fear is like standing in front of something that was never mant for you. To be caragus in the present of your fear is to forget about whats going to happen next and concentrat on whats happening in the sprence of your fear. To be caragus in the mist of your fear is like chasing a dark cat in a dark room during the dark night. To be caragus in hosting your fear is like standing up for a team that you never thought you will stand up for. To be caragus in the event of your fear is like jumping in the pit of a lion and expect it not to harm you. To be caragus when facing your worst night mer is like facing it with your eyes open. Its not easy to be caragus if you dont trust God because he is the one who gives up strangeth. And by strangeth we are bold, and by boldness we are brave. So God is our source of being caragus, and praise God for that.

  • Ray Hart Rookie - 1st Stage (9/4/2012 8:14:00 PM) Post reply

    Hi Folk,
    I have been writing for a few years now but have never had anyone to go to to ask constructive advise. So with that in mind be3fore I post this among those I have already on this site.
    Gallant Country Son.

    I never beheld his very young face,
    But he stood in my place.
    Where he stood, he wore my uniform,
    To myself and my country sworn.
    He was a life long farmer’s boy,
    Who knew the simplicity of countries joy.
    Memories of shearing, cropping, of small town dances,
    Of sharing folk, and country girl romances.
    Then bands and uniformed soldiers entered town,
    And sort out the young men all around.
    They spoke of seeing the world and adventure,
    Of mateship, glory, not death or seizure.
    But stories of adventure and glory filled his mind,
    As he left his small town and farm behind.
    His horse Kelly aboard the same train,
    He was headed toward the city main.
    He and Kelly trained and worked as instructed,
    They proved worthy and were inducted.
    Over the sea to the bloodied beach,
    Just out of the enemies reach.
    They left their ship and boarded the landing barge.
    Came the order, “Hear the whistle and charge”.
    The whistle blew followed by yells and curdling screams.
    Along with deathly silence blew away his fanciful dreams.
    Wounded now Kelly stood bleeding, waiting his mate to wake.
    Among mud covered bodies shot through by a machine gun rake.
    Now Kelly is no more and his mate has a communal grave,
    Our soldier gallant is engraved upon the town’s memorial of the brave.
    He wore the slouch hat with rising sun,
    Inverted now is this warriors gun.
    Brought down was this countries son.
    Gallant was his fight but his fight is done.

    RKH 2012

    [Written with the Australia’s young soldiers, country towns and the First World War in mind]

    Best wishes to all, Ray

  • Neerja Jacob Rookie - 1st Stage (9/4/2012 4:36:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply

    Just some thoughts: Im brand new at this... please be gentle on me

    What is that emptiness in my heart
    It feels like somethings missing, somethings wrong
    Its been there eversince I was a little child
    It has stuck around with me ever since
    I accomodate as many as people in my life as I can
    some right some wrong
    I try to run I try to hide
    With as much as possible noise
    The feeling still remains.....
    What is that emptiness in my heart
    Im still trying to figure out

    You can live through your life
    trying to figure out this riddle
    As death approaches, you find yourself in the same situation
    Asking the same question, What is this emptiness in my heart
    It feels like somethings missing, somethings wrong....

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    • Muhammad Ayaz Hussain (9/7/2012 3:22:00 AM) Post reply | Read 2 replies

      Hello Neerja, I think you write awsome poem..... you actualy write things which you have in your mind.... thats make sense.. i can't say much about that because i am also a newbie lol.///// but sti ... more

  • Syafiqa Syaqireen Azmi Rookie - 1st Stage (9/2/2012 12:38:00 PM) Post reply

    Hey, I'm new in poetry. Please read my poems and tell me how I can improve myself. Thanks.
    I've only posted one. I'll post my other poems later.

  • Super Girl Rookie - 1st Stage (9/1/2012 9:20:00 AM) Post reply

    relate the poem to the title and make a tune for the poem or just brainstorm and put all the things you know about books in a poetic way.

  • Elvis Afraneh Rookie - 1st Stage (8/31/2012 6:19:00 AM) Post reply

    relate the title to the normal life

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