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Nibedita Deb Female, 26, India (4/9/2006 11:25:00 PM)

If I were a dropp of water:
- G.Sivaswamy

I look up and see this sky -
Sometimes dark and smoetimes bright
And I really wonder - why;

Why do people use might and fight;
All but or one more dropp of water!
Believe me, this is not a silly matter!

Daily I see the long twining queues -
Queues of people on the Municipal taps;
Different face with different hues.

But all have the same mission - perhaps
To take home a few more drops of water.
And I think - 'what if I were a dropp of water? '

Umm... If I was a dropp of water,
I would have fallen from the heavens above
Falling down and down, happily down;
No ego of going down!
Because that is Nature - Free from all.
It's a pity - I can't be that way!
If I was a dropp of water -
While quenching a thirsty man,
I won't think about
His caste, creed, colour or race!
I will flow in my own pace -
Till I see a smile of his face.

If I were a dropp of water,
I would be in harmony
With my surrounding drops!

Never getting in the way of another drop.
Always getting on with each other
Filling each other's gaps.

It's really a pity I can't be that way!
Now that I know that I am not a dropp any ore;

That wonderful drop,
Which is colurless
Yet gives colour to life itself.

The dropp which doen't know where it lands,
Be it a desert, Ganges, or Cauvery!
It just goes on till -
It returns to his source- theheaven;
At least I can try to become one!

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  • Rookie Mike Finley (4/13/2006 4:05:00 PM) Post reply
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    It's a beautioful meditation. And water even in the tap continues to flow. Even when it's stagnant it flows within itslf?

    It rises via evaopration... it disperses as vapor... it falls as rain... it finds the ocean.

    The world is said to be 90& water... and so are we.

    One oxygen and two hydrogens... so simple and so perfect.

[Hata Bildir]