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Karla Fears Karla Fears Female, 56, United States (5/11/2012 6:31:00 AM)

I'm trying to find a poem but don't know the author or the title. it's a ballad/story in the form of a poem. it takes place in Ireland with a man and a woman in love. The man is married. They decide to commit suicide so they can be together, for all eternity, in Hell. The woman does, the man does not and goes home to his wife, relieved to be rid of a bothersome lover. The woman waits, in vain, for her lover to come and finally realizes she's been betrayed. She decides she should be in Heaven but a chasm separates Heaven from Hell. She is told that the great Pit of suffering and despair are at the bottom of this chasm and if she attempts to cross, she will fall in and suffer for all eternity. She is determined and starts walking. She does not fall but is, instead, buoyed by her faith and by God. She makes it to the other side. Her erstwhile lover eventually dies of old age and is looking for her in Hell. He is told of the story and stands at the edge of the chasm, pining for her as she lives in Heaven. Do you know who wrote this poem and the title? Thanks!

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  • Rookie Ryan Walker (5/22/2012 5:06:00 PM) Post reply
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    If it's Irish, there's a good chance it was either James Joyce or W.B. Yeats. Sorry I can't help more, but there's the direction you should go.

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