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Lare Austin Male, 65, United States (3/23/2005 8:40:00 PM)

Hi P H...very good point you make about not having the right to criticize something unless you actually participate in it. I agree. Yes...we are all entitled to our opinion...much like, as you said, a film critic that critiques films but has never acted nor directed. On the other hand, that is sort of like telling a football lineman, after the game is over (or, in this case after the poem has already been created, written and posted) how you would have played the game better and gotten a higher score. Meanwhile...here is this player standing before you, his uniform completely muddied from having been in the trenches to create a winning game for you, and all he is looking for is some sort of recognition from his fellow peers...not from someone who suddenly ran down from the bleachers waving a red flag with a list of things you did wrong on the field that day. I, as will many poets on this site, will always defend your right to like or dislike a poem that is posted. Not all poetry is for everyone. We all know that. But...just try to understand that a player wants recognition and praise from everyone. But usually only accepts and respects criticism from his/her fellow players. That's just the way the game is played. One more thing, if I may
P H...(and please, I mean this in all due respect) but...I personally do not refer to any/all poets on this site as 'amateur poets' that are 'pretty talented'...I myself think that all the poets here on this site are very, very talented. My stuff isn't for everyone and certainly not everyone's stuff that I read here is for me. We are all here standing at the edge of the pond lobbing our small pebbles into the water. Some splashes appeal a little more to some readers here than to others. That is all we are...storytellers...throwing our pebbles into the pond...hoping that someone will notice...with some sort of degree of kindness...understanding...

Your friend in respect,

Lare Joseph Austin

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  • Rookie Sandra Osborne (3/24/2005 1:54:00 AM) Post reply
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    You are a beautiful beautiful man. Thank you, well said.

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