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Jim Hogg Male, 60, United Kingdom (11/29/2012 4:53:00 AM)

It used to be that, despite a few trivial glitches, most things worked on here. You posted a comment on a poem and it was visible where it should be. You added a score and it showed up in the score box. You tried to open your inbox and it opened. Seems hard to believe now when none of these things appear to work. And yet, there are still comments left, someone dishes out fives willy nilly and people post in this forum - though there are very few replies.

Iris blue, I've posted comments on your poems and the only place they show up is in my forum postings list.

Dr Bill, Iris, others: in case you've sent me any messages I can't get into my inbox at the moment - and the old " you've got messages" reminder that used to appear at the top of the page is also absent. Maybe this won't be posted either. Hello all if it is!

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