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Donnaj York United States (12/16/2012 1:56:00 PM)

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What’s the point you ask?
Hmmmm, let me think…….(think, think, and think) ……it’s a, (what do you call those things?????) – Oh yeah, a STORY. A story that someone (myself) felt like writing, as part of the arduous healing process I’ve been undertaking for years. If you knew anything about me you might understand its significance.
Or, you might have “gotten” it, if you had a grasp on the idea of objectivity, instead of pious judgement handed down from your sanctimonious throne.
Are you an ex-teacher? I get the impression that you might be. Just FYI, (not that you’re likely to consider this credible information) , but a retired English teacher I know tells me that I have what it takes, and that I need to get busy finishing my book-in-progress, for which my full-time job has been a hindrance.
I won’t lie, your snarky little swipe cut, but only until I read some of the inane strings of words that you pass off as poetry.
Then I explored the numerous obtuse criticisms you contemptibly dole out to the other “mediocre” member poets, (your opinions being either outright insults or backhanded compliments) .
Hence my previous words, “considering the source….”
Apparently, you have too much time on your hands, maybe some over-education in some questionable field, and nothing much in your head but the need to critique negatively. It is sad really.
MAYBE IF YOU WERE PATIENT AND WAITED FOR INSPIRATION, instead of surrendering to your apparent obsession of habitually stringing together random words in a blathering nonsensical manner, THEN YOU MIGHT JUST HAVE SOME WORKS BEFITTING YOUR LOFTY OPINION OF YOURSELF. ?
BTW……have a lovely day.

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  • Rookie Elysabeth Faslund (12/16/2012 2:56:00 PM) Post reply
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    I deleted the remark, oh thin-skinned poet. I've taken enough abuse off of other people. Learn how not to be so sensitive. JEEEEZZZ!

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