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Mary Morstan Female, 54, New Zealand (6/22/2013 6:36:00 PM)

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I got the markings on the deer, saw a diagram for choice cuts on the first read. I like " susurrant pre-planks" and the sound of " pre-lumber to pre-lumber" , and I like what you are trying to do. But, as someone who doesn't eat meat, I would shy away from describing animals killed for human consumption as " prime cuts" , because I always think of that when I'm walking (usually with meat-eating friends) in the countryside and hence, for me, it seems a tad preachy. I also get the sense that you have edited down and down and down and that something is missing.... Now, having said all that, what are " zipper squirrels" ?I googled and got a rock band and biscuits - could be I've missed the whole point (but being Irish I will never shut up...)

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  • Rookie - 592 Points Jefferson Carter (6/22/2013 7:55:00 PM) Post reply
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    M, Glad you got the markings right off. I was getting worried. I made up zipper squirrels; actually, I dreamt them, squirrels that had been bred with zippers in their fur so they could be harvested easier. Of course, that's what the poem is about, nature considered only as a potential product to be consumed. I tried not to be preachy, to let the surreal take off that possible edge. I don't see why prime cuts is any preachier than meat cuts or choice cuts. Maybe because I'm a durn ignorant Amurikan.....

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