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Jefferson Carter Jefferson Carter Male, 92, United States (9/30/2013 8:57:00 PM)

Frank, Mary, Alice, your insights are what I was hoping for when I originally asked the question about ESL poets. In the spirit of further dialogue, here are a few points: I haven't seen ONE ESL poem yet that deals with a politically dangerous subject. I can't imagine the anodyne re-hashing of moral platitudes would endanger any of the poets who post here, even those from Pakistan.

I actually love diction that springs from a conscious misuse of standard English, but when someone writes, as Mr. Mohla does,

" Sometimes when we don’t find success despite,
Our hard-working, knowledge, caliber and sincere efforts,
We doubt our own capabilities "

this isn't a brave or innovative mixing of languages. It's a platitude deformed by the author's weak grasp of English syntax and usage. The ESL mistakes that pepper the poems I've been ridiculing don't result from a desire to break new poetic ground or meld several languages into a new and thrilling whole. They're just basic errors by ESL writers who post to gratify their puffed-up egos. When Jyot starts pimping Mr. Mohla's work as great, you know we're in the presence of verse hucksters.

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