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Laughing@ You Laughing@ You Female, 53, United States (11/15/2013 10:46:00 PM)

Thank you, Lamont, for your " olive branch" - . The jabs are fun...(for me - my husband LOVES my mean streak) but not everyone (except for Jefferson) enjoys the show. Can't speak for everyone, but Lamont, I appreciate your gesture of peace. Until our next round....

Making Peace

By Denise Levertov 1923–1997

A voice from the dark called out,
“The poets must give us
imagination of peace, to oust the intense, familiar
imagination of disaster. Peace, not only
the absence of war.”

But peace, like a poem,
is not there ahead of itself,
can’t be imagined before it is made,
can’t be known except
in the words of its making,
grammar of justice,
syntax of mutual aid.

A feeling towards it,
dimly sensing a rhythm, is all we have
until we begin to utter its metaphors,
learning them as we speak.

A line of peace might appear
if we restructured the sentence our lives are making,
revoked its reaffirmation of profit and power,
questioned our needs, allowed
long pauses....

A cadence of peace might balance its weight
on that different fulcrum; peace, a presence,
an energy field more intense than war,
might pulse then,
stanza by stanza into the world,
each act of living
one of its words, each word
a vibration of light—facets
of the forming crystal.

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  • Rookie - 247 Points Laughing@ You (11/16/2013 12:30:00 PM) Post reply
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    I appreciate when LP is not sniping at me...(I'm guilty of it as well with Lamont) - he, in his very Lamontian way, says complimentary things about my work...we are, as Jefferson has said, both passionate about poetry. I have, on occasion, said nice things about Lamont's poetry, and all of it was true. His poetry is not my " cup of tea" - but that doesn't mean he's not good. Some of you think he is. Just a matter of taste, IMO.

    Lamont said this about my poetry before all of the sniping began (I assume my responsibility for some of the sniping too) :

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    Lamont Palmer(11/4/2013 2: 23: 00 PM) Post reply
    You're far from being as flat as your former 'mentor' - for that you should be proud. You've increased the music in your work greatly, just from more concision, alone. -LP

    " Music" is in the ear of the listener...some people love rap, some classical....some don't love, although I can't imagine why, have an ear for Thelonious Monk, because they find the dissonance (which gets me high) in his work to be grating. I find some poets to be grating, and some poets find my work to be grating. There is something for everyone; that's what's so great about poetry.

    The allusion to " former mentor" is re: Jefferson Carter...I still consider him to be a very qualified mentor to any/everyone here.

    Moving on from here....I look forward to more discussion and less meanness.

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