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Is there a book you just read, a piece of poetry news or a reading you just heard that you want to talk about? Here's the place to start a conversation.
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Laughing@ You Laughing@ You Female, 52, United States (11/16/2013 12:30:00 PM)

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I appreciate when LP is not sniping at me...(I'm guilty of it as well with Lamont) - he, in his very Lamontian way, says complimentary things about my work...we are, as Jefferson has said, both passionate about poetry. I have, on occasion, said nice things about Lamont's poetry, and all of it was true. His poetry is not my " cup of tea" - but that doesn't mean he's not good. Some of you think he is. Just a matter of taste, IMO.

Lamont said this about my poetry before all of the sniping began (I assume my responsibility for some of the sniping too) :

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Lamont Palmer(11/4/2013 2: 23: 00 PM) Post reply
You're far from being as flat as your former 'mentor' - for that you should be proud. You've increased the music in your work greatly, just from more concision, alone. -LP

" Music" is in the ear of the listener...some people love rap, some classical....some don't love, although I can't imagine why, have an ear for Thelonious Monk, because they find the dissonance (which gets me high) in his work to be grating. I find some poets to be grating, and some poets find my work to be grating. There is something for everyone; that's what's so great about poetry.

The allusion to " former mentor" is re: Jefferson Carter...I still consider him to be a very qualified mentor to any/everyone here.

Moving on from here....I look forward to more discussion and less meanness.

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