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Laughing@ You Laughing@ You Female, 52, United States (12/10/2013 8:20:00 AM)

I do enjoy the older poetry...some rhyme...even the deliberatley metronomed beat....but the contemporary stuff is what really inspires me.


By Randall Mann

In a precisely lighted room, the CFO speaks
of ?start-to-start dependencies.
Says let me loop back with you.

Says please cascade as appropriate.
It’s that time of morning, so we all can smell
the doughnut factory. If scent were white

noise, doughnuts would be that scent.
The factory won’t sell at any price.
The building next to it burns the animals

we experiment on. I have worked
on a few preclinical reports in my time.
The rhesus monkeys become

so desperate that they attempt suicide,
over and over again. I am legally obligated
to spare you the particulars.

How could things be any different?
Here many choice molecules have been born.
Here. This pill will dissolve like sugar.

Your last five months will be good ones.

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  • Rookie - 774 Points Lamont Palmer (12/10/2013 2:22:00 PM) Post reply
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    What you mean to say is, you're inspired by primarily free verse. 'Contemporary' poetry is ANY poetry written by a living poet, (or at least within the last 10 years) thus including sonnets, villanelles, setinas, or other forms. To say you're inspired by contemporary poetry isn't isn't specific enough to mean anything. You really need to bone up (errr, no pun intended) on your literary terms. -LP

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