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Mike Acker Mike Acker Male, 61, Canada (4/7/2014 12:16:00 AM)

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Sorry, but I tend to agree with these two characters. You should not have touched the title, Lamont. To start with

We have double vision, and double hurt,
A penchant to only laugh on the inside,

" double hurt" ..Are you serious?

They do have a point about the number of years. I didn't realize it was 44 years. Maybe you should listen to these people, whoever they may be. They claim they want to help you, Lamont. It is full of cliches, and lazy unsophisticated writing, Lamont. I am tired of pointing out your deficiencies, so I will leave it at that.

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  • Veteran Poet - 1,883 Points Mike Acker (4/7/2014 12:14:00 PM) Post reply | Read 1 reply
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    Yes, how could I be so stupid. the line " And hookers who hook you on anything but joy; " is extremely original. I have never thought of hookers like someone hooking me, amazing! Thank you for enlightening me, jack@ss. These two personas have completely figured out, Lamont.

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  • Freshman - 837 Points Lamont Palmer (4/7/2014 6:35:00 AM) Post reply

    I don't know why I'm bothering with this because its such a waste of time. Apparently you don't know what a cliche, is Mike. Its a phrase thats been heard over and over again, and is no longer original...like cold as ice, hotter than July, etc. If you are saying that the line you pulled out is strange' or 'awkward', than it cannot also be a cliche, because cliches are FAMILIAR phrases, not strange ones.Therefore, in reality, there are virtually no cliches in the poem to speak of, or even language that could be considered banal. You should stop misusing words. My poems can be called lots of things, but 'cliched' they are not. When you called them 'cold', 'strange', 'private', you were far closer to the truth. i know I'm wasting my breath because you are little more than a shameless troll who has decided to plague the forum, but when you say things that are completely irrational, I have to step in and correct you. -LP

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