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  • Chris Leermakers (4/25/2013 9:35:00 PM) Post reply


    Strike Another, Poke Another
    Yeah, See That Lightning Flash
    Then Discover
    Dramatic Slash
    Yeah Or A Dramatic Stash
    It's Creeping Up
    Up And Up
    Which, The Way
    There's Only Up
    Then Comes Down
    Logical, With A Frown

    That's Techical By The Way
    Physics Rules And Sucks
    Let's Just Say
    Run The Mucks
    Now It's Getting Stronger
    Little By Little
    Loger And Longer
    And You'll Realise How Quick It Is
    With Surprise, The Unknown Fiz
    That's Techical, Comercial And All The Rest
    Now That's The Best

    In The West Take A Rest
    Cause In The West
    Find The Best
    The Best Of What, Only You
    Know What It Is...And Break Me From
    This Burning Fiz...

  • Chris Leermakers (4/25/2013 9:33:00 PM) Post reply

    Life Shade:

    I'm Developing A New Thing
    My Present State Of Mind
    Is Constantly Searching
    Searching For Something New
    Yeah Something True To Find
    A Change Is As Good As A Holiday
    Well, I'm Going Through A Phase
    One Day I'll Be Back
    Life, Like Entering One Big Maze

    I'm Entering A Different
    Quite Interesting Experience
    I Don't KNow What It Is
    But It's Making Quite A Difference
    To Both My Unregretful...And...
    Regretful Life

    The Life I Choose To Live
    My Shape Or Your Viewpoint
    Make Me Want To Give A Certain Shade Of Light
    Allows You To See Within...One That Seems Alright
    But You Can Never Win
    I Bet You Didn't Know That
    I Illuminate My Life
    So You Can Only Find The Scratches On The Surface
    Are A Deeper, Stanger Kind
    Reality Can Be So Unreal

    Did They Ask You That
    But Please, Won't You Tell Me
    How Did It Make You Feel
    In A Given Point In Time
    I Might Be Something Else
    Not Somewhere Or With Someone
    And Not Even A Mouse

    It's Sometimes Clear And Oblique
    Yes That's A State Of Mind
    Still, Unique
    If It's Something New I Find
    I'm In A Later Stage
    Change Is Still My Friend
    No Matter What The Question
    With Me 'Till The End

    My Colour Hasn't Changed That Much
    My Face Still Looks The Same
    So Why Is My Mind Playing A Different Game
    Rules And Regulations
    They're All The SAme To Me
    They're Mind Manipulations
    To One Day, Set You Free
    Find The Answer To The Question
    The One That Fits Right In
    Make It Act Like The Solution
    Then The Answer To The Sin
    Yeah Then The Answer - To The Bin

    Come Drink And Dine With Me
    Intoxicate Within
    We'll Have A Feast Or Two
    Yeah, And See If We Can Spin
    Understand Adventure
    Explore To The Unknown
    Pioneer Your Own Life
    Freedom Is Yours
    Yeah Freedom Is Yours To Own

    Sometimes I Get The Urge
    Yeah That Urge, The Feeling Is So Great
    Yeah Escaping From The World
    To Find Another Fate
    That Is What We All Want
    Yeah No Problems Or Regrets
    To Keep Our Spirits Free
    Oh My Dear Angel, IF Only...

  • Chris Leermakers (4/25/2013 9:32:00 PM) Post reply


    I'm Still Linking Places With Events
    We Notice Faces
    Yeah In Desolate Descents
    I see The shadows Running Below
    Yeah, An Abandoned Paradise
    ...And How I Want To Go
    Here Is A Liquid That Tickles Your Mind
    Colourful Places Of No Other Kind

    Yeah Louder
    Louder Footsteps Running Wild
    Through The Corridors Like A Frantic Child
    Seeking The Passage To A Greater Domain
    Yeah Seeking The Wisdom, And Play The Game
    Be The One, The One And Only
    The Only One To Seek The Glory

    Does It Exist, I Really Wonder
    Or Does It Exhale The Wonderous Mist
    Yeah Search Your Domain And Seek Your Future
    Find The One Who Inhabits Your Gain
    Let Life Play, Its Ugly Game
    Yeah Let It Describe Its Unique Name

    Dreams They Come And Go
    And Sub-Consciously We Think We Know
    Yeah Look A Shadow, What Can We Find
    On This Dark Topic In Our Intricate Mind
    Yeah Just Remember
    Remember To Sometimes Be Kind...And Never Go Blind

    Yeah Louder
    Louder Footsteps Running Wild Through All Corridors
    Like A Frantic Child
    Still Seeking The Passage To The Greater Domain
    Yeah Still Seeking More Wisdom While Playing This Game
    Just Be Careful Not To Go Insane
    Yeah Be The One, The One And Only
    The Only One To Seek The Glory
    Yeah The Only One To Share That Story

  • Chris Leermakers (4/25/2013 9:31:00 PM) Post reply


    It's All Happening
    I'm About To Go Bolistic
    It's Getting Real Close Now
    And A Little Plastic
    I'm Approaching The Finale
    All Systems: GO
    Tell Me, Are You Coming
    How I Want To Know
    The Long Road I Have Travelled
    Is Very Far, But Few
    And Although I Have Cancelled
    The Long Awaited Due

    I'll Go AnyWay
    No Matter If They'll Stay
    For On These Special Yeah These Perfect Islands
    With The Perfect Day
    Are Women All Around
    Unescapable Ground
    Wearing Next To Nothing
    And Listening To The Sounds

    Nothings Better Than Something
    Well, Isn't That The Truth
    Clothes; Here A Waste Of Time
    Where Everyones Haf Naked
    Holidays, About God Damn Time
    Yeah, I'm Still Drinking, That Succulent Wine...

  • Chris Leermakers (4/25/2013 9:28:00 PM) Post reply

    Dream IF:

    Right Up
    Right, Up There
    They're Dancing In The Air
    Help, A Freak
    It Wants To Speak
    Well, Send It There
    Healthy Like Before
    We'll Try And Run All DayYeah, Now I'm Wanting More
    And Maybe Want To Stay

    And Look Ahead
    I'll Walk Instead
    Looking All Around, I See Them Now
    Round And Round
    Hey, Like Wow
    Beaten, Have No Edge
    But Follow Up So More
    Here, Here's A Pledge
    To Settle Up The Score
    Thank You Sir, You Are An Ass
    With Your Cool Fur
    Asleep In The Grass

    Sleep On The Grass
    I Will And Will Indeed
    Watch Out For The Snow
    I'll Even Plant A Seed
    And Hope That It Will Grow
    Keep It Steady, Be Prepared
    Are You Ready
    I Am Shit Scared

    Yeah, Feel It Go
    Hey, I Want To Know
    Are You There, Say Hello
    Come On Now, I Want To Know
    Selfish Aren't We, Don't Do It Again
    Drifting Free, But Until When
    How Long Will I Stay Here
    Or When Will I Go
    Is The Floating Deer Saying
    Let's Go
    Cows And Deers
    What's The Diff
    Both Have Tears
    But Do Both Think If...
    Do Both Dream If...

  • Chris Leermakers (4/25/2013 9:27:00 PM) Post reply


    Red, Orange, Yellow And Green
    Purple, Blue...And Yes, All The Rest
    And Though These Words Might Sound Mean
    Colours Are The Best
    For Colours Don't Decieve
    Colors Don't Reject
    In Order To Believe
    We Do Wind Up Suspect
    To Whatever They Want
    Yeah Whatever They Need
    Whatever The Outcome
    What Ever The Seed

    Words Are Just Arithmetic
    And Knowing How To Spell
    Like Some Crazy Drug Addict
    Living In Their Hell...
    Yeah Just Some Brainwashed Fans
    Now Living In Filthy Cans
    Yeah The Brainwashed Souls, Falling Under Some
    Or Just Another
    Cult's Control
    Yeah Just Nasty Brain Spells, Undertaken By Some Witch
    Who Just Escaped From Hell

    Yeah Colors Never Have, Never Fell Down
    But Always And Always
    Yeah Always Do Tell...

  • Chris Leermakers (4/25/2013 9:25:00 PM) Post reply

    Beyond The Horizon:

    A Raindrop Here
    A Flower There
    A Sense Of Magic In The Air
    Cool, Calm Breezes
    Passing By
    Trying To Catch The Butterfly

    Swift As Arrows
    The Eagles Fly
    A Lizard Hanging In His Joyous Cry
    Beyond The Horizon
    The Sun Shines Bright
    Spreading Colours To Our Bewildered Sight

    Over The Hills
    Where The Deer Roams Free
    A Miracle Is Soon To Be
    A Mother Breathes Life
    In To A Young Newly Born
    Striving For The Perfection
    Of A New Day's Dawn...

  • Joren Warren Joubert (4/24/2013 6:30:00 PM) Post reply

    If AKeys.UniversalValentine true {

    Then Repeat.PlayTitle; KnightlyLove


    Else; DoWhile.Play UniversalValentine

    Time.Seconds Of: Everyday{


    Universal Valentine – Alicia Keys, please will you be mine. Eachday including every Valentine. We’ll need no rehearsal or your Monied purseFULL. After reading, would you still paint me a love-crazed fool?Let’s do undressRehearsal cos you’ll be my precious pearl. Escaping darkness, trapped fromshell on pearl Harbour... (PH- Poet Heaven – Please Hurry – People’s Hero –Praying Harder) .

    We’ll make Love not war... (ren’s the name) ... and You arethe one that I’ll always adore, Now and forever more. You’ll be Known aroundthe world as “Recued Pearl” discovered by common Man along Dreamy sea-shore. Ipromise never to be a blatant bore, play games but, keep no score, whilst yourheart I try & win, Lyrically soaking, Lathering into perfectly projectedskin.

    As I’m typing your T.Y.P.E.. (Tell your People Everywhere) .

    Note as the Title Above.. Shifts to “Knightly Love” in BOLD..the serenade of a common man like me, and AliciaKeys.. Hold on tight as I take you on a Lyrically infinite love Flight..Each time you read this, every Blissful Knight, whilst hugging your favouritepillow tight.

    (Like you, I want to know - How it feels to Fly – with you)

    I’m not mere common flirt... nor clench tightly but, Knightly, carry you and fine night skirt...Everywhere around the universe. Oops, That was supposed be First Verse. We’d bedoing etcetera...for better or for worse.. Wait it gets better... To the soundof Opera. For You I’ll milk the milky way...Every second of every blissfulday.. We’d make taste of everything.. seem so much sweeter, now and forever.Not just today.. XoXo Love always long as we together. Our Love adds Sparkle toStars in all skies, Galaxies and dreams beyond the furthest.. embedded deep inyour beautiful Eyes.. aahh what bliss! !

    Second universe, Angel-winged verse.. things still gettingbetter??. Our Life Promises no bye byes. Carry you off, away from dark driery skies, into radiant Knightly mist of Forever. Hold’on ma, Still it gets better, together..???

    Looking out at the starry Eve-Ning, Tell me more about theGod you Believe In.. Weave’s, like bead-less Celestial necklace made especiallyfor you. One for every blissful night... spend MORE time with me neverwithout... Hug my scented lyrical shoulder pillow, I’ll squeeze you gently tight. Body temperaturenever reaching Zero. P.S: Love Always - Warren, Your lyrical Hero.

    Wow! ! What a first imaginary Kiss! Could it be, Am I reallyserenading Alicia Keys?? Never in Billionsof years would I reduce you to Tears.. or guessed, that you’d be impressed.. RightNow... Infinite WOW! ! . Serenade you every starry night. Forever more, sweetlyas our passions start to take first flight. Off into forever, together - CreateFinest memories, how’d we come to this... infinite Bliss...

    The reckoning & Beckoning. World Make me lyrical King..Mr. Former-Has-been, now Crowned King. Lyrically unfold my true feelings, foryou... Design you celestial Wedding ring.. too. Tho for now LOVE is not all IBring. So Your sweet sounds brought me to this...??The writings of would-bewriter, Husband or the frog in our koi-fish pond. Ha-ha yes, me, ever the lover not fighter. FightingKnightly for your love and Honour. All of theTIME! ! ! One day at a time! ! Fairest Piano Lady, will Thee be mine on Valentine

    I have no platinum hitsthat sell.. but come bearing Sea shells... for us to commune serenades fro andto, one another like Wave and Tide. Tidily... Heavenly, Whisper your naturalsplendour known to me as words, talking and manner of speaken. Know this, relentlessly will I keep searching... seeking your Blissful kiss. Resounding everywhere, starting with your Cyber Lips... Please reciprocate tender Love & Care. MyBeautiful Musical Teddy-bear.

    Till then, I’ll be Fighting ‘Knightly for your love and Honour. All of theTIME! ! ! One day at a time! ! Fairest Piano Lady, will Thee be mine on thisValentine

  • Chris Leermakers (4/24/2013 3:22:00 AM) Post reply

    Work To Play:

    Take Life For Today
    Don’t Let It Go To Waste
    Make The Memories Stay
    Deliberate To Haste
    I Hear The Morning Cry
    The Birds, They Sing Then Fly
    Catch Fish With Some Rods
    And Overcome Impossible Odds
    Let’s Drink The Great, Sweet Wine
    To Join Us When We Dine
    Feel The Music Within
    Life Too Can Be Devine

    I Often Play The Fool
    Jump When You Say Go
    Race Within The Pool
    How I Want To Take It Slow
    Yes Fine Tune And Bloom
    Fine Tune My Tools
    What Ever You Desire
    I’ll Always Want More
    Let’s Sing And Then Regret
    To The Places We Forget
    The Times Of Our Great Friends
    I Wonder If We Met
    Believe In Reincarnation
    Keep Potential Alive
    Because In The Sea Of Damnation
    Only The Strong Minded Survive

    When The Fun Is Over
    How You Want To Sing
    Life Then Can Then Surprise You
    Surprise To Anything
    Look Up To The Sky At Night
    See The Shining Light
    Life Again, I See
    Infinite And Free
    The Potential Vast And Silent
    Hope We Aren’t To Late
    As We Work To Play
    Yes Sometimes We Work To Play
    Play Out Our Fate

    Know Your Limitations
    Life’s The Only Thing I Own
    I Know Not What I Want
    But How I’m Nearly Grown
    Take Me As I Want It
    Don’t Give Me All That Sort
    Of Rubbish And Assorted
    Life Is Way Too Short…

  • Chris Leermakers (4/24/2013 2:15:00 AM) Post reply

    High O\R Low?:

    Some Still Dreaming
    Some Still Soothing
    Yeah That’s Okay
    Today Still Some Peeling
    Yeah Some Reeling, So Pathetic Really

    Are You
    Are You The One Still Following
    Yeah You Are The One That Kept Swallowing That Amaurotic Faith
    Hook, Line, Fool And Sinker
    And I Just Got Accused
    Yeah I Got Amused
    I Just Was, Was I?
    Yeah Always A Thinker
    …And Justice For All

    Yeah Remember That Last Cold December
    You Never Couldn’t
    You Can’t Sedate
    Yeah You Can’t Sedate All The Things You Hate

    That’s Ok, Always Ok By Me
    That You Still Like To Debate
    Yeah Still Like To Hate
    Cause I Am We
    And We Are Many
    Yeah Always Happy – Deciding On Our Own Fate

    When I Might
    Yeah When I Die
    Don’t Really Care If You Cry
    Yeah Don’t Be Afraid, But
    Just Put Me And My Music
    In Our Own Motorcade
    Yeah In My Own Death Parade
    …And Make Sure I’m In The Shade
    Yeah Not Near Your Zone
    Cause I’ve Always Liked
    Yeah Always Liked To Be Alone
    Good It Is
    Now That Your Eyes Really Can See
    High And Low
    Yeah Both Behind And In Front Of You, Even Me
    And Maybe To; Agree, Let’s See
    Yeah Do You Now Agree
    That The Crack Inside Your Fucking Heart, Is Not
    And Never Was Me
    They Always Were Your Seeds
    Yeah Your Foul Seeds To Sow

    If You Don’t Dance, You’re Dead
    If You Don’t Regret, You Cry
    If You Don’t Live, You Slide
    Yeah If You Don’t Love, U Might Just Die

    Time Is A Nuisance To All
    Yeah To All That Consume It
    Like A Slow Releasing Poison
    Making It’s Mark
    Sometimes Making It Spark In The Dark

    Yeah It Creeps Up
    It Creeps Up On Thee
    To One Day Set You Free
    Yeah All In All We Cannot See
    The Timing
    …And The Tuning Of Our Musical Strings
    Yeah The Timing To Set Us Free
    A Time To Decide What To Bring

    \Why Does It Exist
    There Is No Why
    Yeah It Simply Does
    In The Sky Land Or Water
    High Or Low – What’s The Time Now
    Cause I Got To Go
    Yeah I’ve Gotta Go Back To My Own
    Space Time,
    My Time So I Can Glow
    Yes Flow Down The River Of My Next Life
    Yeah, Just Say On With The Show.

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