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Brenda Broadbent Brenda Broadbent Female, 19, United States (12/14/2012 6:53:00 PM)

Why do we have to worry or live in constant fear,
As our children attend school year after year.
Who can be so heartless, to play out such a murderous roll?
Creating such tragedy, these school shootings are out of control.
Connecticut took a hard hit this morning, straight to the heart.
As twenty-seven loved ones died, from this world, they depart.
A deranged, lost soul, arriving today, with deadly ammunition.
Senselessly taking innocent lives, with a coldhearted, selfish ambition.
Another catastrophe is done, screams haunts another schools hall,
Innocent lives being taken, young and old, one by one they fall.
Parents of these students receive the news and was called to convene,
Waiting to have their children in their arms, after this horrific scene.
Some receive their children, while others worry, as they have to wait.
Overwhelmed with this alarming tragedy, and their childs undetermined fate.
Taken from this world by a gunman, with no reasoning or explanation.
While children obey the law and attend school, for their expected education.
Terror will haunt the memories of those, who experienced the unexpected.
By the taker of lives, who walked the halls, armed and undetected.
Bloodshed in Newtown, this shooter had no remorse.
Taking his own life afterwards, death again runs its course.
It's time to say a prayer for the families, effected on this day,
And all their pain and suffering, that will never go away.

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  • Rookie Maria Smith (12/17/2012 12:43:00 AM) Post reply
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    I feel as though this poem has been wrote by a great poetic. I'm sure a-lot of people have read this poem. This poem was done so good.

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