Frances Lugtu

Frances Lugtu Poems

1. The Sorrowful World Of Mine 10/1/2007
2. Three Cheers For Empathy 10/1/2007
3. Death Blooms 10/2/2007
4. Sorrow, Sorrow 10/2/2007
5. Savior 10/2/2007
6. Forget 10/2/2007
7. Penitance! For I Have Sinned 10/5/2007
8. My Love 10/26/2007
9. You'Re Not Alone, Were All The Same 10/31/2007
10. Alas! My Awaited Lover 11/22/2007
11. Blood Soaked Virgin 8/11/2008
12. Blissful Mix Of Beauty 8/11/2008
13. You Are My Paramour 8/11/2008
14. The Gift, That Is Nature 8/11/2008
15. Doth, I Shall Make A Diffrence 8/11/2008
16. Tall Trees, Hast Thee Yet See? 8/11/2008
17. Talk About Romeo, This Is My Fairytale 4/8/2009
18. Stop It Honey, Your Parsimony Is Giving Me A Paranoia 4/8/2009
19. You Inhabit My Soul, Yet You Do Not Care 4/14/2010
20. Vigor Love 4/14/2010
21. And Thy Tears Fall To See Me Dying... 1/27/2008
22. Shall I Dare Say Farewell, For That I'Ve Become A Widow Of A Harlequine Lover 1/27/2008
23. And So Then, (It Was Rejection, That You Oh So Conquer!) I Woke Up On A Bed Flooded With Tears... 1/27/2008
24. Manic Depression 11/18/2007
25. As A Poet, I Dare Not Say 1/27/2008
26. Me And Only Me 10/26/2007
27. I Do Not Request, I Dare Not Suggest For You To Be Mine... 3/26/2008
28. Now That I'M Broken Hearted 10/26/2007
29. Pauline Diano(A Contribution To Her Death) 11/29/2007
30. For Every Touch, For Every Kiss 10/12/2007
31. A Place, I Dare Not To Seek 10/31/2007
32. I'D Love You Today, I'D Love You Tomorrow 10/12/2007
Best Poem of Frances Lugtu

I'D Love You Today, I'D Love You Tomorrow

I'd love you today, I would love you tomorrow
'till death do us part, from sadness and from sorrow;
I'd keep you in my arms and hold you tight
and for our love I shall fight!

Love hurts, people say,
Like crap thrown away;
Unlike misery and sorrow,
never can forget 'till death it shall follow

Like a wound it breaks your heart you see?
To see your loved one depressed and lacking harmony,
Unlike them, who wish to desire
a bad wish, a bad touch, Revenge burning like fire

To fight for love
is to believe in what you see;
say thy name ...

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Don't believe in everything they say
Do what's right and fair;
Don't let them turn you down on any way
They're just jealous and polluting the air;

Don't let the bad stuff happen to you,
Don't let the good stuff happen to the evil;
Do whatever it takes even though
it makes your heart ache

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