Treasure Island

Francesca Marie

Biography of Francesca Marie

Hello, my name is Francesca Marie. I'm an introvert, I'm currently attending college.I express myself through poems and stories rather then voicing my opinions vocally. My guilty pleasure is watching in-prov clips on YouTube. I'm also working on writing a novel. Updates

Prisoner on Trial

Who are you to judge me on whom I really am?
Who are you to decide my life journey?
What gives you right to know what's best for me?
What gives you the authority to decide what I am and am not capable of doing?
Most certainly not you! You live your life and I will live mine.
I'm tired of feeling like a prisoner on trial.
Giving the jury the power to decide my fate.
Feeling like I'm guilty for every little move that I make.
Always scared to go against the jury's verdict.

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