Francis Duggan

Francis Duggan Poems

581. What's Life About Apart 4/8/2008
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591. What We Do Unto Others 1/23/2008
592. What We Do To Our Earth Mother 5/5/2008
593. What We Do To Mother Nature 3/3/2008
594. What We Do Not Need 2/25/2008
595. What Was Has Gone Forever 9/29/2008
596. What Use To You 1/20/2008
597. What To One Is Truth 4/1/2009
598. What To One Is Graffiti 6/14/2008
599. What To One Is 6/16/2008
600. What They Stand For I Hate 5/1/2008

The timid and the brave

I know a woman she is scared of spiders
But in deep and dangerous waters she will swim
And I know a non swimmer he's scared of water
And spiders never seem to worry him.

I know a sturdy tree felling tree climber
And he will climb to top of tallest tree
But he will cringe in fear and keep safe distance
Whenever nest of bull ants he will see.

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