Treasure Island

Francis Duggan

Poems of Francis Duggan

8641. Young Fred 1/16/2008
8642. Young Fred Who Has A Big Ego 6/17/2008
8643. Young George 5/8/2008
8644. Young Jake 5/14/2008
8645. Young Jim 2/21/2008
8646. Young Jimmy The Poet 2/24/2008
8647. Young Looking Pru 1/6/2008
8648. Young Love 5/9/2008
8649. Young Man 7/22/2008
8650. Young Mother To Be 5/8/2008
8651. Young People 6/10/2008
8652. Young People May Look On Me 11/30/2008
8653. Young Pete 6/11/2008
8654. Young Randy 6/16/2008
8655. Young Rose Of Duhallow 5/28/2008
8656. Young Stuart The Plumber 2/10/2008
8657. Young Zed Next Door 1/14/2008
8658. Your Average Amateur Writer 6/7/2008
8659. Your Best Is All You Can Do 7/7/2008
8660. Your Best Is Okay 6/23/2008

The loves of Rosita

About her ex husband Rosita don't have any good things to say
The day that they parted forever for her was her happiest day
His first name she told me but I've forgotten it's something
that sounded like 'rig'
She's sorry now she ever met him and she still refers to him
as 'pig'

She bore him three sons now in their prime on looking back the years seemed to fly
The youngest in his mid to late twenties not that long ago

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