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Rookie - 210 Points (28 August / St. Thomas University Hospital)

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Will you come and journey with the author,
traversing time and space, imagination -
of things real or conjured in the mind
when the wattle blossoms dance in the wind,
the birdcalls and the dingo's howling....
in that hour of phrases catching, we shall
see the wonder of life itself unfolding

Reading and writing, pen and paper,
they have given the young Frederick
a passion from primary school years:
as soon as the alphabet was learnt;
the very moment he could wield a pen,
there began a continuing journey
wherein the destination is not placed
more highly than the moments spent,
the sojourns explored, in writing

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Frederick Kesner's Works:

'I, Janus', 'A Gift of Myself', 'Forum #49', 'Raucous Blether'; 'Turquoise Dreams', 'In my Own Write', 'Shortlisted', 'Eye Soar.' Updates

Fare Thee Well

I still can't look at your photograph
without choking up or getting ill
could I ever seriously consider
giving up my affections for you
why have you gone abruptly ahead?

gazing upon your visage on print
all knotted up and confused still
my emotions, rambling wild river

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