Gary Manning

Rookie (3.27.78 / lexington ky)

Gary Manning Poems

1. My Sweet. 11/1/2010
2. The Cold Inbrace Of Solitude 11/1/2010
3. The Temple That You Neglected. 11/1/2010
4. The Great Divide. 11/2/2010
5. The World Hates My Soul 11/8/2010
6. Wartime! ! ! 11/22/2010
7. They Tell Me Your Dead? ? ? 12/1/2010
8. Love Is Like A Good Fight. 1/4/2011
9. Who Will Keep Me? ? ? ? 1/18/2011
10. The Art Of Cowards.. 10/27/2010
11. Last Gasp Of A Fallen Star 10/27/2010
12. The Layers Of A Mans Hart. 4/4/2011
13. What She Means To Me 4/11/2011
14. Have You Ever Met Love? ? 11/1/2010
15. My Tears Are Strong.. 2/6/2011
16. A Hero Is Born. 11/2/2010
17. Prince Charming Is A Crook! ! 2/28/2011
Best Poem of Gary Manning

Prince Charming Is A Crook! !

Far away in a town you live in prince charming has come' and offer you some rum so he can make you dumb. O how he smiles and winks makes your knees shake soon he will open your legs and make your world quake. You will feel like you are in love and can fly like a dove' yet he will be off with another women and she will be stuck like a glove and sinking in love. O how he gets around and spreads his seed' soon all of the women will begin to grow like trees. Now your baby is born and the prince done stole more cookies then a fat kid on a diet. And you will have a child who grows up without his ...

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The World Hates My Soul

What is it with my fellow man? They hate me and do not care. One side curses me and the other side wishes me to die! O how heavy my cross is yet it is apart of me till the day I die. The truth I speak is love and o how they despise. My only joy in the struggle I must bear. Is the truth that holds me when know one else cares.. Ggm

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