George Ade

(1866-1944 / the United States)

George Ade Quotes

  • ''After being Turned Down by numerous Publishers, he had decided to write for Posterity.''
    George Ade (1866-1944), U.S. humorist, playwright. "The Fable of the Bohemian Who Had Hard Luck," Fables in Slang (1899). Said of the "main Bohemian."
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  • ''The time to enjoy a European tour is about three weeks after you unpack.''
    George Ade (1866-1944), U.S. humorist, playwright. "The Hungry Man from the Bird Center," Forty Modern Fables (1901).

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Noovo Rishe

Mrs. B.:
From out a canon in the West I came with colors flying,
To meet the people known as ' best,' or strain myself while trying;
I know I'm handicapped by fate, and shy on social training,
Though I got off a trifle late, I'm going some and gaining.
Jo-ann of Arc once set a mark that caused a lot of talk,
But give me room to start a boom, I'll beat her in a walk.
A woman who is nifty, who is up to date and shifty,
Can start the game at fifty, with millions at her call.

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