George BernardBloodyShaw

Rookie (One day at the beginning of my life / England is my country)

Biography of George BernardBloodyShaw

Retired. A boater. May be old but still a floater. Still alive but I strive to continue to be happy while I'm alive. Live with an adventurous female, life never gets stale. My boat is a Dutch barge-style narrowboat. We travel all over the UK, enjoying the wonder of the natural world.
If you own a boat or appreciate the canals and rivers of England come and visit my pages and read between the lines....... You may not understand everything I write about but you are welcome to message me and find out what it's all about.....
I have an opinion on all sorts of subjects.....just find out! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

George BernardBloodyShaw's Works:

Soon...... Updates



I'm not like you
To follow the dew
To creep about
On a Sunday morn.

I would blow my horn
For the world to hear
Stand up, be counted
I will continue to be.

Try it! ! !

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