Geraldine Fernandez

Biography of Geraldine Fernandez

My world used to be unappealing. I saw it as quite dull, without bliss and thrill to offer. Until I discovered a beautiful and imposing world where only my pen and paper can bring me. From that moment on, I always wander, cruising all marvelous places through my wild imaginations with but pen and paper in company.

With this gift finally unleashed, I have come to realize how beautiful the world is. I no longer experience boredom. I write all the times. Words just keep pouring out of my mind and it feels as if my brain would burst if I don’t write the words down.

I started writing since my elementary years. Being a consistent campus journalist, I have joined several journalism and literary contests and won some of them. I was the literary editor of our campus paper “The Hundred Islands” during my junior in high school and later the editor-in-chief in my senior. Now in college, I am currently the editor-in-chief of our official college publication “The Plebeians.” I have written various literary works, both unpublished and published (but only in our campus magazines and papers.)

I write columns, news, feature articles, editorial, poems, short stories, and novels.
However, my area of expertise is short story and poetry writing. I am very much interested with these two literary genre (short story and poetry) .

My greatest dream is to be a successful published writer. I am quite penniless and writing is the only talent that I have. But I write not for commercial purposes. I write in order that I may express all my myriad emotions.

I am ever glad to have been born with a passion for beautiful creations that stay unblemished in spite of the passing of time. I can’t paint them; that remains my frustration. I can only catch those beauties with my pen. I’ll always be grateful for this one special gift from God. The flames on my pen, I am certain, would never die out. Updates

No Genuine Love

Eyes that seek your soul
So speaks the heart
Offering you his love and his all
Leaving you breathless from the start.

Warms that enfold you
Comforting you when you’re blue
Letting you know his love and devotion grow
Staying with you from tomorrow to tomorrow.

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