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2721. You May Not Cross 4/9/2006
2722. You Must Meet My Wife 7/7/2012
2723. You Must Wait Outside The Gate 4/29/2012
2724. You Need To Be Alone 1/17/2010
2725. Young Joseph 12/14/2005
2726. Your Face Tomorrow 12/25/2009
2727. You'Re My Bed 7/18/2008
2728. Yung And Freudened 11/27/2008
2729. Zadie Polonius And Franz 1/18/2010
2730. Zauberjude 5/21/2006
2731. Zerlina 11/12/2009
2732. Zero Decibel 7/28/2008
2733. Ziggurat 11/1/2006
2734. Zoltan And The Golden Calf 2/2/2010
2735. Zoo Visit 11/8/2006
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My language always is precise,
but I’m prepared to take advice
from people who can’t follow what
I’m saying. When I’m being hot,
some people cannot understand
my arguments since they’re not bland,
and even when they see I’m pensive,
they sometimes find my words offensive.
Although I try to be pellucid,
it is a nuisance that is deucèd
that I should be accused of being
obscure when I am disagreeing
with people who do not esteem
my words. It wasn’t Ibrahim
who walked with Ishmael to Moriah,
but Abraham who lit the fire
beneath young Isaac. ...

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Claiming to have done due diligence,
Harold Pinter, being prized, derides
Americans, who suffocate intelligence
voluptuously on cushions supersized.
(I think he’d say the supersizing thing
applies to people more than to fat cushions;
pejorative the word has got a ring
that resonates, I think, with his illusions.)
Voluptuously as cushions oversized,

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