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(Athens, Greece)

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Catene of Gold

Prodigious was the wraith of night, a blissful touch of sorrow,
hence dark the stills and sanctified, beyond my glance, were graceful,
around a light that dancing waved, inviter of tomorrow,
with them descended on the shore, where shadows turned to granule.

The rain became a petrified recalling and a shadow,
Engraved upon my tomb I saw a wishing never granted
oh, intact diligence of winds that fled above our fallow
and blessing of the streaming songs and oaths that we recanted!

I saw the climber on the ridge, his shadow on the valley,
I sensed the silence that befell, the setting sun that golden,
saluted -did I know of that? - my last of nights that gravely,
embraced me and her eyes, then sad, became this vow beholden.

The euphemism of thought, inviting seas and quietus
soft vapor was and raindrops that reciting waved in ether
a classical catene of gold she wore, demure and flawless
consequently her sacredness had flown above my freighter.

Hence, she was honoring our feast, romantic grace of Sunday
foreshadowing her chrism of mist, upon the fare of virtue,
the flattering of crowing wings descended on the shipway,
catene of gold around her neck, my soul was fleeting whereto.

© 04-06-2014, G. Venetopoulos, All Rights Reserved
(Iambic Decapentasyllabic or Political verse)

Giorgio Venetopoulos's Works:

Published books of poetry:
'Admete', (I recommend this one)
'Kelaino', (in Greek) .

My full and published author's name is Giorgio Venetopoulos Updates

- Sheffield knife

We stood across the ship's black painted brim,
forever faint appeared the beacon's light,
imperfect night; the stars were shining dim,
(moon-flash of steel and twinge of Sheffield knife) .

The birds' were singing in the mauve of dawn,
my resolution's and communion's chrism,
the images, back then, became my dome,
the light refracts inside my truth's cold prism.

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