Glen Lantz

Biography of Glen Lantz

Glen Lantz is 48 years old and lives in Dubuque, Iowa. He has a BA and a MA in Sociology from the University of Northern Iowa. His work has appeared in 10K Poets Zine, Bad Marmalade, Calliope Nerve, Clockwise Cat, the Curious Record, Deep Tissue Magazine, Ditch, the Dubuque Area Writer’s Guild 2009 Anthology Music & Dance, Full of Crow, Heroin Love Songs, Lines Written W/ a Razor, Lost Souls in the Fishbowl Anthology by Subculture Books, Madswirl, the Plebian Rag, Poetry Now, and Zygote in my Coffee.

Glen has three poems forthcoming in Counterexample Poetics.

Glen’s book “Boiled Tomatoes” is available as a free download at:
http: //

Glen is co-founder of 10K Poets and the managing editor of 10K Poets poetry magazine “Deep Tissue Magazine.”

You can find more of Glen’s work at: http: //

Glen Lantz's Works:

Boiled Tomatoes

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