Green Peace

Biography of Green Peace

I'm an ardent lover of books. I love scribbling poems, painting, dancing and making new friends.
Poetry has always been my passion since childhood and I wanted to see my name in this succulent genre of literature.Poetry is my highest pleasure and I've scribbled poems about nature, man, feminism, metaphysics, ontology, beauty etc. Emily Dickinson, Wordsworth, Arun Kolatkar are my top priorities.
Total Articles Published 730 (seven hundred)
Myriad poems and articles were published in many English newspapers like:
‘The Indian Express’, ‘The Maharashtra Herald’, ’The Times of India’, ‘Asian Age’ from 1996
to 2004, few of them are ‘The Birth of Christ, ’ ‘Pets Parlour’, ‘The World is her Oyster’.
Poems like ‘Unconscious Walls’ was published in ‘Poet’, July 2004 (an International
Journal) and ‘Generation Gap’ published in ‘Replica’ April –June 2005 (a National Journal)
‘Growing Up Once Again’, ‘On Getting A Tsetse’s Sting’ were published in ‘Women’s Era’ Feb
2004 (First Issue) & June 2005 (Second Issue) respectively

Green Peace's Works:

The Muse In My Salad Days. Updates

My Balloon

I love my balloon
My big balloon
My blue balloon
My ball balloon.

How playful it is
Without it something I miss
The joy, the gaiety
The buoyancy and elasticity.

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