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41. Nation In Calamity 6/1/2010
42. Outside The Box 6/1/2010
43. Past Unlocks Future 6/1/2010
44. Power Of The Mission 6/1/2010
45. Questions 6/1/2010
46. Reality Of The Gospel 9/3/2010
47. Road Of Mercy 10/21/2010
48. Sarah Love 7/2/2010
49. Shades 6/26/2015
50. Shake And Wake 6/14/2010
51. Simple Love 6/1/2010
52. Sorry 6/1/2010
53. Spiritual Warfare 6/1/2010
54. Storm's Garden 6/1/2010
55. Survival Mode 6/1/2010
56. Thank You Lord 6/1/2010
57. The Definition Of The Cold 6/1/2010
58. The Oranges 6/1/2010
59. The Playground 9/25/2010
60. The Room 6/1/2010
61. The Venom 6/26/2015
62. Unafraid Of The Wolf 6/1/2010
63. Ups And Downs 6/1/2010
64. Victory Through Light 6/1/2010
65. Walking In Righteousness 9/25/2010
66. Washed Garden 7/28/2010
67. Wrong Door 6/1/2010
68. You Are Special 6/1/2010
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Beauty Of A Princess

Rose-like garden of a golden harvest

Shining bright burning out the sun causing no distress

Waterfalls of diamonds, Sapphire-like Sea, a motherly love caress

In Christ your nature is formed bound to be blessed

Invincible in creation giving birth with no stress

Natural beauty of a true daughter of Christ, Holy Ghost possessed

Your light shines in harmony as love is your mistress

Mother of angles heaven being your address

Beauty of Princess dancing in peace, all praise to The Creator of such universe

Your name in the book of life, ...

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His Pain Our Salvation

Why does the world cancel out the true GOD of all gods and deny the true belief

Sure he has borne our grieves

We sought the world and found nothing but darkness; we live a life ruled by a lying pharaoh

Our sins are massively wicked and causes us to be painful while the ONE and ONLY carried out our sorrows

In vain we worship and claim His KINGDOM, in shame we deny His sacrifice and broke HIS covenants then we all esteemed HIM stricken

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