Hamza Al Saieedy

Rookie - 20 Points [Lio] (1994/7/28 / The-Qar \ iraq)

Biography of Hamza Al Saieedy

My name is Hamza Al-Saieedy (Lio)

I was born at the 28th of July 1994.
I’m a freshman (student) ! as for where I live, well! I live in Iraq.
My home town is called Al-Nasr in Thi-Qar.

I love poetry but sadly I’m too shy to write with my mother-language. so once I read the first two lines of William Shakespeare’s and I saw the similarity between the two languages (Arabic and English) ! Thus I studied the English literature specifically poetry, so I tried to mix in every possible way between the two poetic cultures.

The reason after my poetry is a girl (as common as it seems but I have other reasons you may notice while you’re reading my poems) .

My favorite poets are W.Shakespeare, W.Wordsworth, Maya Angelou, W.Blake, Emily Dickinson, ..etc.

I don’t a specific type or style of poetry!

So I hope you could keep up with me and comment on my posts, because I need every opinion I can get!

You can reach me on Facebook or you can visit my other blog.
https: //www.facebook.com/hamzeh.t.ali

thank you for reading..

Hamza Al Saieedy's Works:

Not yet! but maybe in the far future! !

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Rain me with love, then rise; my lady.
Rise me with misery, though show some pity.

Oh; my lady, your cosmos is calling my name.
since your off; my world hasn't been the same.

Lacked you; god knows, oh my devoted mistress
(Iris) , come and wake me with your loving kiss

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