Treasure Island

Hardik Vaidya

[] (26 Dec 1969, I won't be dead till you know I am alive. / Mahuva, Gujarat, India.)

Biography of Hardik Vaidya

The geography of my biography is under constant creation and erosion. Geography gives way to geology. Sedimentary rocks of my life on being chiseled reveal fossils, Dinosaurs come alive. Out crops the world of ferns, where no flowers bloomed because none had evolved. Soon jumps life from the oceans to land, it stops crawling starts running, stops running starts walking, learns the power of erection. Learns the power of the gift of the gab. Learns to cultivate opinions. Plant ideas. Grow civilisations. In this whole saga my biography is a small scratch on the reed of papyrus.

Hardik Vaidya's Works:

People with such biography don't get publishers soon. Then the publishers have to wait. Updates

The flowers tale

I have seen you a million times over
Ever fresh with the dew of life
Lingering on your gentle infinite self
As if Cupid struck your being
Hugging you, smothering you with kisses
Life born out of your ephermal state
Short lived they say
In bees birds and the eyes of men
Forever blooms your pollen

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