Treasure Island

Harold Norse

(1916 - 2009 / born:New York City - died: San Francisco)

Poems of Harold Norse

1. At the Cafe Trieste 5/16/2011
2. Carnivorous Saint 5/16/2011
3. Classic Frieze in a Garage 5/16/2011
4. I Am Not A Man 10/4/2005
5. Island of Giglio 5/16/2011
6. Piccolo Paradiso 5/16/2011
7. The Business of Poetry 5/16/2011
8. To Mohammed on Our Journeys 5/16/2011

Carnivorous Saint

we dig up ancient shards
clicking cameras
among the dying cypresses
choked by Athenian smog.

yet cats continue basking
in the hazy sun
the chained goat sways in ecstasy
the Parthenon looks down from creamy heights

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