Treasure Island

Harold Norse

(1916 - 2009 / born:New York City - died: San Francisco)

Poems of Harold Norse

1. At the Cafe Trieste 5/16/2011
2. Carnivorous Saint 5/16/2011
3. Classic Frieze in a Garage 5/16/2011
4. I Am Not A Man 10/4/2005
5. Island of Giglio 5/16/2011
6. Piccolo Paradiso 5/16/2011
7. The Business of Poetry 5/16/2011
8. To Mohammed on Our Journeys 5/16/2011

At the Cafe Trieste

The music of ancient Greece
and Rome did not come down to us
but this morning
I read Virgil’s Eclogues
struck by the prophecy
of a new era:
“A great cycle of centuries
begins. Justice returns to earth,
the Golden Age returns,” he wrote

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