Harry Bryant

Rookie - 2 Points (2/24/1932 / Houghton Lake, Michigan)

Harry Bryant Poems

1. A Nice Old Man 12/26/2007
2. If I Couldn'T Dream 12/26/2007
3. My Special Someone 12/28/2007
4. Our Soldiers 12/28/2007
5. September 11,2001 12/28/2007
6. A Year Ago Today 12/28/2007
7. The Rose 12/28/2007
8. Curly Bill Brocius 12/28/2007
9. A Dead Man's Hand 12/28/2007
10. Love Comes, Sometimes Love Goes 12/28/2007
11. She Is One Hell Of A Woman 12/28/2007
12. The Barrel Racer 1/7/2008
13. A Love Song 1/7/2008
14. I Looked Everywhere 1/7/2008
15. Hills And Dales Hospital Staff 3/29/2008
16. When I Closed My Eyes 3/29/2008
17. I'M A Lonely Cowboy Part Two 7/13/2008
18. Answer To A Lonely Cowboy 7/13/2008
19. R And R 7/14/2008
20. Love And Honor 7/16/2008
21. Wonder Of Love 7/16/2008
22. Haying Time 7/31/2008
23. Pretty Girl 8/27/2008
24. Devastation And Recuperation 8/27/2008
25. They Wait 8/27/2008
26. Mother 8/27/2008
27. One Morning 8/27/2008
28. The Fateful Ride 8/27/2008
29. For You Mother 9/16/2008
30. The Best Of The Best 3/18/2009
31. Things Yet To Be 3/18/2009
32. He Walked Into Tomorrow 12/3/2010
33. Looking 12/20/2010
34. Seeds Of Love 12/17/2007
35. Your Picture 12/17/2007
36. Pitching Woo 12/17/2007
37. You'Re That Special 12/17/2007
38. Your Nectar 12/17/2007
39. Time Thoughts 12/17/2007
40. Did You Ever 12/17/2007
Best Poem of Harry Bryant

A Country Girl

She was a country girl, in her faded old blue jeans,
she was so full of life, and she was full of dreams,
she would dream about the future, and how her life would be,
yes she wanted children maybe two or three,
she dreamed who she would marry, might beTommy Brown,
maybe it would be someone new, that just moved into town,
she knew she liked the simple life, like most country girls did,
and she would be so glad, when she wasn't such a kid,
she liked the sound of rain, when she was in the barn,
there was so many things to do, out there on the farm,
the ...

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If I Couldn'T Dream

If I couldn't dream of the way it would be,
if I couldn't dream of you being with me,
it would be a world without any life,
if I couldn't dream of you, being my wife,
how could I hold you, tight in my arms,
how could I give in, to all of your charms,
if I couldn't dream of you every night,
if I couldn't dream, when your out of my sight,
how would I feel, what would I do,

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