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(17/05/1947 / Vadali, Dist: - sabarkantha, Gujarat, India)

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  • Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal (3/6/2014 6:07:00 AM)

    Death caught her.....

    Ferdinand Quintos...
    Wonder why and when TERROR became an ISM.
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    Lilian Dipasupil Kunimasa Intensive Sadistic Malfunction?
    I just noticed how ISM is added to any obsessive belief.
    I agree Terrorism should not be identified with any religion, region not even with any race, sex, age, or social standing.
    Terrorism more than just bombs and fanatics. It is of people who are deluged with own perceived power.
    A delusionary stand and practice. Violence never solve anything yet it exists wherever love, respect and sanity is gone.
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  • Jitesh Shah (3/3/2014 10:02:00 AM)

    as per your experience there are very nice the poem i also invite to read my poem and if any query please suggest me

  • Tanya Gupta (2/27/2014 9:40:00 PM)

    you are very expierienced mr.hasmukh i invite you to read my poetries and leave a comment

  • Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal (2/19/2014 4:56:00 AM)

    No reason......The maturity you imbibed is the result of long experience in life. Worth repeating lines.

    UK Atiyodi, Kandangali, Payyanur, Kannur 670307
    Feb 19,2014

  • Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal (2/18/2014 7:52:00 PM)

    The God is...Mohan Lohani I have enjoyed reading your poems in the past and good to know that you have continued writing such beautiful and nice poems.
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  • Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal (2/17/2014 10:52:00 PM)

    By words...
    Scott Ransopher It has key to ignition there is lot more compassion emanating from kind heart almost written in form an art words are molded like river water some times it flows slower sometimes with fury and totally in spate there are many more things to relate poetry can make you to cry it can make you to fly even with weak wings in sky it helps to boost morale with concentrated try words have immense thrust it can be coupled with trust it may cut through slice with determined bid of promises words do come from mind but it has inner core and shield heart pushes real ambition and desire words play nicely with shape to admire. Good lines. Good poem.
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  • Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal (1/25/2014 6:45:00 PM)

    Mitos Jane Nepomuceno I could only repeat what Rohani Daud said
    'You're a great poet.. Never fade a passion and knowledge Mr Hasmukh
    - Manzil Rajput 'nice sir ji '

    ... Pls send me the English version :)))
    ... I believe them, You really are! ! !
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  • Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal (1/21/2014 7:12:00 AM)

    face the bullet

    Much Appreciated

    Syed Mudasir37 minutes ago
    I respect both the individuals like Mahatma Gandhiji as well as Martin Luther; But there is no comparison in terms of Gandhi, he is an individual and a great personality. This poem had brilliant imagery which talks about the loss of the last century and there is no worst tragedy then Gandhiji's Assasination, he was a pillar of Asia... A great poem which is very honest and we all know great people are either disappeared or assasinated.... Much Appreciated
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    A clear point made

    Steven Curphey32 minutes ago
    Well the second political poem i have just reviewed on the bounce. This one maybe doesn't read as fluently as I have a preference for, however, if you are making a political point why not say it straight up like this one as we have plenty of politicians who don't say what we want them to and who hide behind masks in speaking terms, so well done for saying it like it is.
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    Hasmukh MehtaLess than a minute ago
    this real and has nothing to do with politics. people should fight for themselves now
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  • Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal (1/18/2014 5:27:00 PM)

    Poetry is no joke......Rick R
    Well put I am in awe that those with English as a second language can create very good English poems I have enough trouble with one language

    Well taken sir..words of wisdom from a great poet himself! Thank you for the guidelines!

  • Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal (1/16/2014 6:57:00 PM)

    just behave, , , , , ,

    My dear Hasmukh Bhai,

    I had a similar experience recently while giving a talk to young children. I stopped the noise by reciting a devotional song of Purandara Dasa. Its English vesion is the one given below:

    “Make no noise, make no noise

    I will fall at your feet, be wise

    Those who are asleep might wake up

    And with questions might come up.”

    Had your ‘Madame, ’ known Kannada she would have certainly made use of this song. I know not which ‘Madame’ you are referring to. I hope she is not Madame Bovary of Flaubert.

    KH Prabhu, Kumta, Karnataka - 581343
    Jan 16,2014

No sadness

If you are really sad
I shall read
Some of the excerpts from poems
That shall certainly turn

Your unhappiness may vanish
You may feel fresh
With nature's blessings
You shall have nothing to miss

[Hata Bildir]