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Haytem Fakroun

(22-Oct-1977 / Tripoli- Libya)

Poems of Haytem Fakroun

1. A play destined to be a tragedy 8/31/2007
2. A song from the sinners 10/14/2010
3. Another chance 6/26/2007
4. Change in life 2/10/2008
5. Do you believe in love? 1/18/2009
6. Ends by a blade (In memory of my best friend) 10/10/2010
7. Fly high 5/30/2006
8. Glad I break away (Mistakes I have done) 5/31/2008
9. I'll be home again. 8/1/2010
10. It feels like you are crying 5/31/2008
11. It felt so good (Before the end) 12/11/2008
12. Lady of the shore 12/7/2008
13. My own green heaven 10/4/2007
14. Never ending cycle 5/31/2008
15. Oh kings so deaf (Please just DIE) 12/29/2008
16. Panic strik 5/30/2006
17. People marching (Tunisia & Egypt first) 2/12/2011
18. Sorrow blue 12/7/2008
19. Tie my heart 12/10/2008

Fly high

In all the cities I’ve been. Your ghostly shadow linger.
Its keeps haunting me, into a dreadful chamber.
Where your face appears, to make your missing grow stronger.
It leaves me in my solitude. Solely facing my anger..
Angry I lost your game of the deer & the Tiger.
Inside my heart it sank, my peace is here no longer.
A Raven at my wall is singing about a murder.
That killer has your name. The song is lauder than thunder.
Rain hides the street, the final piece for the winter.

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