Henry Arthington

(1592-1607 / England)

Best Poem of Henry Arthington

A Glimpse Of That Glory,

Though eye may see, and tongue can tell
The state of greatest Princes heere,
And such as in their courts do dwell,
Or chiefest rule and office beare.

No eye hath seene, no eare hath heard,
No tongue of mortall man can tell,
The high estate in heauen prepard,
Wherein the Saints of God shall dwell.

No Princes Court, so stately heare,
But mortall men the same did frame,
But, Heauenly pallace is so faire,
As God (not man) did build the same.

No eye hath seene, &c.

In Princes Court, no subiect may,
Weare any Crown (saue Prince alone)
In ...

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Arthingtons Lamentation

O heauenly Lord O father deare, how downe thine eares to me
A wofull wretch that in my grief do onely seeke to thee.

Remember (Lord) thy promyse made to all that stande in neede,
that when they cal vpon thy name, thou wilt them helpe with speede.

The waight and burden of my sinnes, do presse me downefull fore.
therefore (O Lord) I come to thee, that mercy hast in store,

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