Henry Lawson

(17 June 1867 – 2 September 1922 / Grenfell, New South Wales)

Henry Lawson Poems

461. Australian Engineers 1/1/2004
462. Australian Bards And Bush Reviewers 12/31/2002
463. At the Tug-0-War 3/26/2010
464. At The Beating Of A Drum 1/1/2004
465. As it was in the Beginning 3/26/2010
466. As Ireland Wore the Green 3/26/2010
467. As Good as New 3/26/2010
468. As far as your Rifles Cover 1/1/2004
469. Antony Villa 3/26/2010
470. Andy's Return 3/26/2010
471. Andy's Gone With Cattle 12/31/2002
472. And What Have You To Say? 3/26/2010
473. And the Bairns Will Come 3/26/2010
474. An Australian Advertisement 3/26/2010
475. All Ashore! 3/26/2010
476. After All 12/31/2002
477. Advertisement for Hean’s Essence 3/26/2010
478. Above Lavender Bay 3/26/2010
479. Above Eurunderee 1/1/2004
480. Above Crow's Nest [Sydney] 3/26/2010


Roll up, Eureka's heroes, on that grand Old Rush afar,
For Lalor's gone to join you in the big camp where you are;
Roll up and give him welcome such as only diggers can,
For well he battled for the rights of miner and of Man.
In that bright golden country that lies beyond our sight,
The record of his honest life shall be his Miner's Right;
But many a bearded mouth shall twitch, and many a tear be shed,
And many a grey old digger sigh to hear that Lalor's dead.
Yet wipe your eyes, old fos

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